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The Story behind Everflow Sound

Everflow Sound is the name of the production duo of Antonio Fernandez & David Posso.

David & Antonio had been performing, writing, and producing individually from a young age, already having established professional music careers before meeting each other. The duo came to be by way of introduction from their mutual friend, Kalen, and began producing music together in late 2019.

Their collaborative partnership was formalized in 2021 during production for Heather DeSanctis's "No More Love Letters" EP, during which they decided to call their production duo "Everflow Sound".

Both David and Antonio offer Everflow's clients over 20 years of professional experience earned from direct involvement in various facets of the music industry. From thousands of hours creating & developing musical projects to live performances for thousands around the world, David and Antonio use these life experiences to better understand, prepare and guide their artists through the creative process.

Everflow has gone on to produce for Heather DeSanctisHarley James DixonArei MoonRobson Diem and Adam James, as well as creative collaborations with Rebecca Graae on "hate to be lame - Live" and Azad Murtazin in their release of "Another Day".

Everflow moved cross country from Orlando to Los Angeles in September, 2023.

They are based in North Hollywood, California.

Everflow Sound is a complete music production company, specialized in guiding artists through their own personalized journey of discovery, ultimately leading to their authentic sound & artistic identity.

At Everflow, we believe artists have the right to be respected and included throughout the entire creative process. We strive to work closely with our artists to ensure their creative vision is being honored, their artistry is being fulfilled, and their musical dreams are coming to life​.

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